Lifter System Fix

By | July 2, 2017

A few weeks ago, Carrie and I started cleaning inside the camper. There was quite a bit of grime and rust that needed to be cleaned off, not to mention lots of, shall we say, signs of rodents. When we finished up for the evening, I started closing everything up. One corner didn’t seem to want to go down at the same rate as the rest. Then, suddenly I hear a loud sound coming from the inside of the camper and that corner fell.


I took a quick look inside to see if I could figure out what was wrong. It looked like some bracket had come off the wall. I really wasn’t prepared to do a repair to the lifter system. This was almost the end of the project. Fortunately, my dad wanted to take a look to see if it was something simple that I missed. That was that case. The cable coming from the crank goes to a bracket with four bolts in it. The bolts are eye bolts with cables for each of the corners looped through. One of the bolts snapped.

Broken eye bolt

This is a pretty easy fix. Replace the bolt and everything looks good again.

Bracket with replaced bolt

All four corners lifted again

I decided since I was already in there, I would replace the rest of them, just to be safe. Took a while since it was a warm day and there was no air flow inside with the roof down. Had to take frequent breaks. But, I’m glad I did, because the others were showing signs of wear.

Bent eye bolts

Now that this repair is out of the way, we can continue with the rest. First up will probably be resealing the seem in the roof.

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