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New Project – Blogging Software

I’ve been away from the blog for some time now. Was doing the side-gig startup thing for a while. That didn’t work out and ended up getting a little burned out for a while, so I was more focused on hiking since then. Now, I’m ready for another project. Don’t care to do anything that… Read More »

Robust Offsite Backups For Home Network

I’ve had some bad luck with computer hard drives over the last year. First, the hard drive in my home server failed. Then the hard drive on my laptop failed several months later. The backups for each had stopped working a while ago. I was able to recover some files using ddrescue. This is actually… Read More »

Remote Control For Radio

Seen a few articles about people controlling their radios remotely lately and thought what most others were doing was a bit too complicated. It could be done a lot easier, at least in my opinion of what’s easier. First, rig control. Linux has the hamlib libraries that can control many different radios. I had built… Read More »